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Mexican fiesta raising funds for Downey Symphony

The legendary hospitality of Old California comes to life at the Downey Symphony Garden Party on Sunday, Sept. 24, at the Rio Hondo Event Center.

Best Thing I Ate This Week: A Legendary Phoenix Burro

For a guy who grew up outside Philly and has lived in Boston, D.C., and outside New York , Mexican seemed a blunt cuisine with lots of fat and little finesse - consisting of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and all those narrow cliche staples. But as my 20s unspooled, I got to some of the real Mexican in the northeast: grasshopper tacos at Tequilas in Philly, tortillas from Tortilleria Nixtamal in Queens.

Review: Need a break from Tex-Mex? Hit the Santa Fe Trail

Blue corn stacked enchiladas with pork adobado, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with a "Christmas" set of green and red chile sauces from Santa Fe Trail Mexican Cuisine. Blue corn stacked enchiladas with pork adobado, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with a "Christmas" set of green and red chile sauces from Santa Fe Trail Mexican Cuisine.

An inclusive tradition

Carl Rippenkroeger isn't Hispanic. But he cooks Mexican food with the subtlety of someone who was brought up around Hispanic culture.

Tasty Authentic Mexico and windy Ice Ball

From the beginning, this benefit for the Hispanic Alliance has presented interior Mexican cuisine cooked up by top international chefs as well as local leaders. It has always included an informative program about the Alliance's mission to transform lives through business mentorship, arts education and excellent resources.

Tiny Taco Bloody Mary Garnish at Casa Vega

It depends upon the person holding the tomato-tart, horseradish-spicy sip, of course, and their take on the tasty matter. Some people swear by a straightforward stalk of celery, others prefer a couple of plump olives, and, for some Bloody buffs, only a simple slice of lemon will do.

La Terraza gets a facelift

Renovations are underway at La Terraza, the restaurant on Eckford Drive which serves Mexican cuisine, and manager Elvira Chavez said she hopes the renovations will help the restaurant better serve the people of Starkville. La Terraza is still open while renovations are being done to the front of the building and the patio.

Five tacos that should be at any Portland Taco Festival

Last month's Portland Taco Festival wasn't just a poorly planned event or "epic fail ." It was a poor representation of Portland's actual taco scene.

Uncle Julio's is committed to providing only the freshest and highest quality Border Style Mexican Food. With distinctive Hacienda decorating style, the founders created a unique restaurant concept around original recipes that demand only the freshest ingredients tailored after Julio's family tastes. Beyond tacos, enchiladas and tamales, Julio specializes in marinated and mesquite grilled beef and chicken fajitas, ribs, quail, frog legs, and jumbo shrimp. The first Uncle Julio's Fine Mexican Food Restaurant opened in Dallas, Texas in November 1986. Uncle Julio's popularity grew rapidly, and with it came an instant craze for a drink Julio named The Swirl, which is a frozen concoction of layered margarita and home-made sangria. Uncle Julio's has grown to twelve restaurants located in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia.
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